Pittsburgh, United States

Pittsburgh is the only study site where will not be working within a Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS). Rather, the Survey Research Center of Pennsylvania State University (PSU) will implement our study, overseeing recruitment and data collection. We will work closely with PSU Professor Miranda Kaye and SRC Director Diana Crom to make the data collection process as similar as possible to that in the HDSS sites. Even so, we anticipate several differences such as the inclusion of non-religious people and women who do not have children in the study.

Penn State University is currently collecting data in Pittsburgh, PA. The Survey Research Center has sent out over 10,000 postcards to the Greater Pittsburgh Area. If you received a postcard and are interested in participating, please complete the screener, either by hovering your smartphone over the QR code or by visiting https://tinyurl.com/2022family

If you have any questions about signing up for the study or your eligibility, please contact Renee Kotch at rak5434@psu.edu

The Evolutionary Dynamics of Religion, Family Size, and Child Success

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